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First Experiences

You know how when you first learn about something new or find something new that it takes time to adjust?

Do you ever feel like that adjustment period never ends?

This is my experience with corn!

When we first made the connection to our son having corn allergies we would never have thought it would go as far as clothing items, bath items, even all natural items.

I have found myself leaning more "crunchy" and out of necessity have become even more so because of all of the places that corn is found. In a few weeks we will do another blog about exactly all the places that corn is hidden but I wanted to tell you my experience.

When people say that corn is in everything they aren't kidding. I am thankful for the technology that we have today because without the Facebook support group I found for those with corn allergies, I have no idea how I would have managed. When we first found out, to say we were overwhelmed is an understatement!

The support group has a list of places that corn hides, which I will go into more detail in the Hidden Corn blog, but just so you know...IT IS 6 PAGES LONG!

At the beginning of our journey, 6 pages of anything that I was going to have to try and remove was daunting, and wondering if that would even work was worse. I felt completely swamped and unsure of how to proceed.

So I started slow. I removed the big things and there were still reactions. So I dug deeper. I removed the derivatives: still reactions. Then I realized that we were going to need to remove household items because he was contact reactive too.

Man oh man was I in trouble! Did I mention that I HATE to cook? That I would probably starve myself before I willingly decided to cook. And now I was facing having to make everything of my kiddos and source it all too.

So we took every day one day at a time. My husband stepped up in many ways to help and we did it as a family. That doesn't mean that some days aren't harder than others but that we face every day together. That is also why we are doing Allergy Conscious Clothing together. As a family we wanted to do something that would not only benefit our son but also others that have the same struggles, sometimes worse than he does.

Subscribe for updates at and follow us on our journey! Next week, look forward to where we are on sourcing our materials and the steps we are taking there!

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