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Sourcing & Manufacturing

Allergy Conscious Clothing is a company that has been founded on being transparency and the search for ingredients that help to make those with allergies be able to live more comfortably

Right now we are in the process of sourcing and finding a manufacturer that is willing to help us source 100% organic cotton and work with us on manufacturing a product that is made without latex (a common second allergy with corn) or spandex (made from polyester which contains corn).

It is definitely harder than it sounds but we are committed to going the distance in order to ensure that there are safe options for more people and the ability to get options for themselves or their kiddos so they can live more average "normal" lives.

In the sourcing process we are committed to finding 100% organic cotton. Yes, corn is organic, but organic cotton runs us a better chance of getting cotton that is not contaminated with corn in the spraying process. It also means that the cotton is generally the only thing that is grown in that field or potentially farm which decreases the chances of cross contamination of corn.

We are also looking for a manufacturer who is willing to give our product a dedicated line because the cleaning process needs to be controlled as well. The items used to clean the production line can also be a problem for our customers and we want to ensure that everything is to the standard needed so that we can ensure our clients with assurance that we are working to eliminate issues in every step of the process.

When your allergy is one that is always overlooked, pushed aside, or touted as a mental health issue, it is important to us to not only bring it to light but to listen to our customers! If you have recommendations on places that corn is an issue in clothing, let us know! If there is a cross contamination that you have issue with, let us know!

We know that we will never be able to get rid of all of it but we want to try our best to control as much as we can so that lives are made easier even if it is only with a simple sock or underwear or shirt.

Continue to follow our journey and talk to us about your thoughts! We would love to share in your journey as you share in ours! Subscribe at the bottom of

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