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The Protein Has Been Removed!

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

The protein has been removed!

This is a phrase that we often here in the allergy community and it is founded on an outdated idea that when you remove the protein that tends to cause allergies from a particular allergen that there should not be a reaction anymore. This response that comes from strangers and doctors alike is extremely damaging not only to the person suffering with the allergy but to societal view of allergens and how to handle them.

Unfortunately, many people new to the allergy community, or dealing with it through their kiddos, or who still believe their doctor is the best resource will be misled by this and it can lead to a reaction and potentially death. This should not be a risk we are willing to take, especially with our kids.

So why is everyone so willing to take that risk?

Because it is easier to say it is in someone's head or tell them that they shouldn't be reacting then it is to take the time to understand someone's reactions. Let's take my son, for example, the reason that Allergy Conscious Clothing started - he is allergic to corn (among a few other things) and this was discovered because he was continuing to react after taking out the allergens he scratch tested positive for were completely out of his diet and corn was the only common factor.

The first thing that our allergist said was that a corn allergy is very rare and there was no way that it was that. But he could not give us anything else that it could be, and we had the evidence to back up that it was causing reactions. When we would bring up products that he was reacting to as evidence to point to corn, he would tell us that it didn't have corn in it or that the corn protein had been removed. He was willing to watch my son continue to scratch himself until bleeding rather than admit that our evidence may be correct.

I am lucky and thankful to have found a group on Facebook that supports those with corn issues and supports them. Helps them to find hidden corn and discover why they or their loved one may be reacting.

My son and many others have problems not only internally but externally, meaning their clothes, other's clothes, personal care items, and the like all cause reactions ranging from eczema, rashes, hives, to anger issues, outbursts, and emotional dis-regulation all the way to anaphylactic responses.

This is why my husband and I have chosen to start Allergy Conscious Clothing and work very hard to ensure that everyone can feel comfortable. Those with allergies, especially many or "rare" allergies already have to make numerous accommodations to their diet, they should not also have to suffer just to be able to take a walk or put on clothes.

Allergy Conscious Clothing aims to provide clothing that is corn, latex, coconut, and top 8 allergen free as well as truly 100% cotton. We know nothing can be completely free of these things because that is the world that we live in, but we are working hard to get close.

Our son and many other allergy sufferers deserve to never hear the words "the protein is removed" as a cover for the allergen being present but having the label of "free of". People deserve the truth and transparency, especially in the goods they are buying that could potentially harm them in any way. That is our hope to be able to provide simpler comfortability, even on a small scale such as clothing.

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