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Who Are WE?

Have you read our other blogs?

Have you looked over our website?

Have you seen a lot of "WE" statements?

You might be wondering in all of this, who is the we? So this week, let's talk about it!

WE are:

Andrew and Gabrielle Burns.

We met in 2011 through Gabrielle's college roommate. We started dating in April of that year and we never looked back. We dated all through college and upon graduation, Andrew proposed. We got married in April of 2015 (exactly four years from when we started dating) in a small ceremony with our friends and family in a gorgeous barn location in central VA.

After we were married we wanted to start a family. That took some time but in April of 2017 our first son was born.

It was amazing to be a mom. It was all I ever wanted. That is not to say that it was without hardships, some more drastic than others, but I was excited. As our first got older, we discovered that he had some allergies. Some more severe than others and some with more complications when trying to remove than others. This is our allergy kiddo. We have struggled for years trying to get it under control, explain to him why he cannot have what his friends are having or why he always has to bring his own food. When he HAS to ask us before eating anything someone offers to him even at family gatherings because they are not going to know if it is safe for him. It has not been an easy road, but this kid is full of spunk and heart and takes everything the best he can.

We wanted more children but that took even longer than the first time around. But in November 2020 we discovered we were expecting and we were at 21 weeks after two losses. In March 2021 our second son was born.

To watch our oldest become a big brother has been amazing to watch. To watch them experience life together has been a joy.

Watching our oldest struggle with the allergies he has had to and even watching us give his brother foods that he cannot have has not been easy for him. We have struggled a lot with him feeling included because he has to be different. Our hope is with Allergy Conscious Clothing, that one more way he is "different" can be eliminated. That we can take care of both our boys with one less thing to come between them.

You have been hearing a lot from me, "mom", Gabrielle. Follow our story into next week to get a new perspective! Dad! Andrew will be sharing his thoughts next week!

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