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Allergy Conscious Parenting is a blog and podcast started by Andrew and Gabrielle Burns to bring awareness not only to the struggles of allergies, but how that can impact parenting as well as their own and other's stories about their lives.

Their hope is to continue to bring awareness to all allergies, though they only deal with a few, and the impact that it can have on families.

Parenting is hard, allergies are hard, parenting and allergies is a whole new ballgame.

Join Gabrielle and occasionally Andrew as they discuss their path through it all and bring on others to share their journeys as well.

Gabrielle Anne Calligraphy is a calligraphy and wax sealing business that is a true passion for its owner.

Gabrielle Burns is a passionate designer who is meticulous and focused but she loves to design. Calligraphy allowed her to use that creativity in a way that benefited others and allowed her that sense of accomplishment and fun.

Handwritten envelopes, letters, save the dates, invitations, baby arrival cards, holiday cards and many other options are available.

Gabrielle also does wax seals for your envelops and letters if you desire and are customizable as well as stamps to add flare and personalization to your design.

Contact her today to set up a consultation and allow her to make your vision come alive!


Stress Less Virtual Assistance is your one stop shop for your administrative assistance needs.

Do you want to get the admin tasks done but don't have the time on your hands? Do you not like to do the behind the scenes work? Do you want to focus on being the face of your company and growing your business but need the back end work done?

Then Stress Less Virtual Assistance is the solution to your needs.

At Stress Less Virtual Assistance we strive to help you grow your business with the necessities while you focus on your customers and your products or services.

Services starting from $50 per hour.

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Burns Private Money Lending is built on getting you the money that you need to make the most of your real estate investments.

Do you have investment properties that you are flipping? What about rental properties that need some work? How about rental properties that have equity in them that you would like to pull out to make improvements?

We have the connections that you need to get the money for your real estate investments at some of the best rates. 

And we will beat any competitors offer!  And potentially get you your funding in as little as 7 days!

Connect with us to get the funding that you need without having to jump through all the typical hoops that come with traditional lending.

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G's Boutique is a place to find apparel, electronics, notecards, bags, and other items with scripture and inspirational phrases. 

Our goal is to serve our community by spreading the word of God in a way that opens up a conversation and lets others know who you live for.

Check us out on Walmart or Etsy or right here on our website!

We have everything from sweatshirts and t-shirts to bags and charging stations!

We are not shy about who we live for and we don't want others to be shy either! Plant those seeds without ever having to say a word.

A+ Copywriting is handled by Andrew whose areas of interest center around leadership and outdoor activities.

Andrew grew up being outdoors, camping with Boy Scouts or hunting and fishing family. His time with Boy Scouts started him on a path to learning how to be a good and effective leader which was expanded on with his time in management with Panera Bread. 

Andrew is eager to share his experience and insight   when it comes to leadership or having fun outdoors through blogs, product descriptions and more.

Please contact him today to learn more about details, pricing or to schedule a free 30 minute consultation. 

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