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About Us

G's Boutique is an online shop that was created to spread the hope and joy of the message of Christ. 

Hi, my name is Gabrielle Burns and I am the owner of G's Boutique. I am a born again Christian who strives to share my faith with the world and share the good news of the gospel. I strive to dress modestly and honor my Lord with what I wear and what I use around the house. But I am also a physical reminder personality. I do better having and love to have a physical reminder of things I want to remember or keep in mind.

That is where using scripture verses comes in. It reminds me when I am carrying that item or where that piece of clothing what God desires of me and helps me to match my heart to His and His will for my life.

My hope is that when you find a piece that you love it will also be a reminder of the God who loves you.That it will be something that you feel comfortable in and maybe starts a conversation or two.

Thank you for your support and love on this journey as I share designs that I love and have created to honor Him.

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